The Anklebiter is the first instrument amp from Analog Audio Works. It is a four watt, all tube amplifier that was designed primarily for studio recording. With 4 watts of power it can provide you with tones ranging from warm cleans to crunch with the turn of one knob. It includes the following features:

12AX7, 12AY7, or 5751 preamplifier tube (customer choice)

6V6 power tube

5Y3, 5V4, or 5AR4 rectifier tubes (customer choice)

Mercury Magnetics Trasnformers

Sprague Atom and Jupiter capacitors 

Two controls: Volume knob and negative feedback switch

Hand wired

Dual 4 ohm outputs

Line level output

Solid cherry, maple, or oak cabinet with hand rubbed laquer finish

Made in the USA!

Price: $599 direct plus shipping

If you would like to order an Anklebiter please feel free to call us at 330-354-1576 or e-mail at 

 Check out this link on Gearslutz for more info and a few sound samples.



Below is a quick picture I took if the Maple cabinet for the Anklebiter 

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