6/13/07 - The prototype for our first product is done and has tested very well. A few minor tweaks and we will be able to move forward...


6/19/07 - We have had meetings with some of our suppliers and everything is going great. It has been very important to us that we do our best to employ local people to help us in production, and I feel very fortunate to have found a very good local company to help us with assembly work.


6/29/07 - Well the first prototype arrived via FedEx today. What a thrill to open the box and see it sitting there! We still need to get some of the metal work done but 100% of the other parts are on order. Exciting stuff!!


7/11/07 - Sorry for the delay in posting. Over the past two weeks we have met with a few more suppliers and am confident that the fist module will come in within the price rage we hoped it would. We have found a very good source for assembly right here in Ohio and are excited about manufacturing the modules so close to home. The first beta test modules should be ready some time in late August if all goes according to plan. If you would like to be considered for the beta test program please feel free to e-mail us.


8/4/07 - Well I really wanted to update this more but sometimes life just gets in the way. The first module has been being tested for about two weeks now and the initial results have been very positive. There are some sound samples being recorded of our mystery module that we will be able to post as soon as the announcement can be made. Thanks for you patience everyone!!!


11/7/07 - The last major issue with the Audio Throttle has been worked out! I hope to be able to begin production within the next few weeks!

9/18/08 - Anklebiter is coming!


10/10/08 - Well after a very long summer I am happy to announce that the Anklebiter is officially done and shipping!!! If you have any specific questions please feel free to e-mail me at david at!! Thanks!

11/11/08 - So far the Anklebiter is doing quite well. We have sold more then we initially thought we would and are gearing up for another run. We have a few left from the first run if you are interested. There will be sound samples up on here shortly.

We are also making progress on the Audio Throttle. After a couple of false starts on the metal work we finally have an excellent design in place that was done by a very well known designer (who I will name if he gives his permission). 

 2/1/09 - Well I have the next batch of Anklebiter chassis arriving tomorrow. I am pretty excited about then as we have made a couple of no cost upgrades to this run, including  Sprague Atom filter caps and Jupiter coupling caps.  I also just got word that the first batch of maple cabinets is nearing completion. I'm pretty pumped about those!

I am still  working very hard on bringing the Audio Throttle to production. Since I am not an engineer I have to rely on a lot of outside help while working a day job to fund all of this without going into debt. I do appreciate everyone's patience!

 2/8/09 - The first maple cabs are here!! Pics soon!


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